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Tudor. Personal Tailor is based on the British concept of private tailoring, which was brought to Belgium in 2019. The Tudor Tailor clothing collection includes a line of suits, shirts, shoes, bags and power business accessories, ceremonial and casual, which can be customized in the style of the wearer, down to the smallest detail.

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Tailored through the Made to Measure service, your suits, shirts and shoes will reach their maximum potential, being made and customized based on your size and vision, in true collectibles.

From accessories to clothing, everything is created manually, in our tailoring workshops, through the mastery of tailors with decades of experience.

Unlike ready to wear pieces, made according to standard size patterns, made to measure pieces are made to your sizes and will give you full control over all the details that define you. Made to measure is more than a preference of personal style and taste - it is your reflection.


The Made to Measure concept means more than a custom product in a tailoring workshop, the size of a customer - it is a way to add to the clothing the defining elements of personal style.

Whether we are talking about tailoring, the way of construction or the infinite possibilities of personalization, the product is designed around your personality and your absolute landmarks of style and refinement.

Made to measure is a tailor-made symbol of modern tailoring, which combines tradition with innovation. The result is a unique product, made to the highest standards of British tradition, using premium quality materials and fabrics from renowned suppliers around the world.


It all starts with a visit to our showroom. The meeting takes place in a reserved space and exclusively in the showroom, where you will have the full attention of a clothing advisor Tudor Tailor. The dialogue about your personal style and the vision you have will lead to individualized advice and counseling, depending on the pieces you want.

In this phase of the dialogue begins the most captivating part of the process - the one in which you will customize each component of the outfit you imagine, down to the smallest detail. From the lapel, to the buttons, the monogram on the inside of the sleeves, pockets and lining, to the thread we will use, you make the decisions, and we are with you to confirm the harmony of colors, proportions and style elements.

Once you decide which key pieces you will add to your custom made wardrobe, you will go to one of the rooms created to start the elegant measurement process, which will result in a flawless fitting.

The tailoring process follows, where the fabric of your choice will be slowly transformed into the perfect suit based on your dimensions, after which you will be invited to a new test in our showroom.

Following the visit, our master tailors will create from scratch the outfit you choose in the Tudor Tailor workshops after measurements, so that on the next visit to the showroom you can try your Made to Measure pieces and see the result of your imagination and customisation process.


The alternative to buying an off-the-rack piece is really much simpler, but simple things and standard patterns do not define us.

The concept made to measure gives you the opportunity to put your personal imprint and note on your wardrobe and to enjoy unique clothes that fit you perfectly, not only from a stylistic point of view, but also as measures.

Created by Tudor. Tailor experts and customized by you, custom-made suits, shirts or shoes will elevate any outfit due to the attention to detail and the level of involvement in their creation.

"At Tudor Tailor, the passion for excellence, quality and personal style meet in the Made to Measure concept. For us, making custom parts is not just a service, but a very personal experience for the customer. The clothing advisor brings his input through informed advice, but the client is the one who makes the most important decisions. In the end, elegance and comfort combine to create the perfect product. ” Mario Steegmans, CEO of Tudor Tailor-Belgium"

Whether you choose ready-to-wear or made-to-measure pieces, discover the Tudor Tailor collections online and schedule an appointment to customize your favorite pieces to your style and size.

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